Pioneer 1 Kit Engine Assembly Kit requires the user to assemble the parts and components.The whole process is close to the professional assembly line process. After assembly, it takes more than 2 hours, which is interesting and full of experience. Ideal gift for kids to practice the patience. 


Product model:DM19


Source Of Inspiration --- Iron Foot:
The tank is well known as the "king of the land war", can ride the battlefield, Its Iron Foot is absolutely indispensable. So we are wondering, if we install the "Iron Foot" for Trailblazers Robot, What will happen? 
Superposition of electric system and radar monitoring system, excellent off-road performance, high traction, and not easy to slip give more powerful power to crawler combat robots.

Sense of Metal : The Robot engine assembly kit is made of metal, with CNC precision casting and aluminum alloy oxidation coloring, Exquisite craftsmanship. All the 157 parts are exquisitely polished by professional abrasives, perfectly interpreting human wisdom in the era of big industry Creation and yearning.
Machinery Vision : The mechanical mechanism is extremely presented, the clear transmission process is clear at a glance, and the mechanical beauty of the logic and strength is displayed.
Remote Control: The Trailblazers Robot can be remotely controlled via mobile app, or they can walk on their own, Left and Right. the battle is about to begin, and the Blazers move forward.
Scalability Engine Kit: Each product has its own independent function and structure, and the product can be upgraded, combined and converted into a power system through a specified kit or DIY modification.
Assembly Engine Kit: Requires the user to assemble the parts and components. The whole process is close to the professional assembly line process. After assembly, it takes more than 2 hours, and the difficulty level is 4 stars. It is interesting and full of experience.
Operation Tips: In order to protect the engine better, use electric motor instead of traditional gasoline. lithium battery capacity 450mAh *2, external power supply DC 5V, Bluetooth remote control distance 5 m, ultrasonic reflection Induction obstacle avoidance principle, obstacle avoidance distance is about 30 cm, intelligent multi-angle detection to avoid obstacles.



Material: Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel+Engineering Plastics

Process: Anodized

Product size: 110 * 94 * 133mm

Parts: 157 pcs

Charging voltage: DC 5V,                    

Lithium Battery: 3.7V, 2x450mAh

Charging time: 2 hours                                            

Working time: 1.5 hours

Assembly time: about 2 hours

Assembly difficulty: Ⅱ grade

Gift Box Size: 262*216*71mm

G.W.: 1.6KG

Suitable age: above 14 years' old

Packing List:
1 Set x Pioneer 1 Assembly Kit (157Pcs)
1 Set x User Manual

1 Set x Tool




Pioneer 1

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